The Table

I read this earlier in the wee hours. Sometimes it’s hard for us to believe just how “for us” God really is – just how much He really, really, really does love us. Let these words seep into your soul this morning….


Partake of My constancy. Partake of My constancy this day for I love you with an unchanging love. I am not moody or cranky. You do not have to step quietly around Me for I delight to see you moving toward Me in love and inquiry. Go ahead and ask. Ask those questions that you dare not even think for you can’t offend Me. I loved you when you were at your worst and I know every thought of your heart. Go ahead and ask. Go ahead and seek. Go ahead and knock for before your knuckles rap on My door I will pull you in and seat you at My table.

My table is the table I have prepared for you. It is a table of peace and it is laden with every good thing. There is no bitter gall to drink at My table. There are no dregs of disappointment here. You need not grovel like a puppy for you are not a dog – you are a beloved son and daughter. So ASK says the Father. Ask and let your joy be full for in the asking is the answering and in the answering is your determinate deliverance by My hand.




Much love G&G Family!

(image found via google images)


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