I admonish you today to not let these trials steal your smile.
If life has got you down to the point that you can’t muster one, smile anyway.

I know you can conjure one thing that will do it –
Thoughts of your children,
your grandchildren,
the sun on your face,
a sparrow’s song,
that joke you really shouldn’t laugh at but it’s so dang funny,
the sweet memories that steal you away every time they surface.

Find some-thing.
One-thing to smile about.
I know beyond the shadow of a doubt it is there.

Remember, things can always be much, much worse.

We are blessed.

Jesus help us to know that You are enough for us.

Even right now.

Especially right now.

Much love & genuine smiles y’all – we got this ~


(image courtesy of Raging Rhetoric)


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