He Really Does…

One of my favorite names of God is El Roi – “The God who sees me.”

He sees what you are going through ~ He sees YOU.

He sees me.

Hagar (Gen 16:13–) was the first person to call God by the name El Roi. She was used, abused, tossed away, driven away, running away. She was all that and more. She had been sexually used & verbally abused. She was a woman utterly amazed that God heard her cries and saw her misery…that He took note of her condition and actually spoke to her.

I understand & identify with her more than I can rightfully express here. It never ceases to amaze me that the Creator of the Universe sees me, hears me, takes note of me & speaks to me…

El Roi, thank You for seeing me, for hearing me, for rescuing me~ for being there so tangibly every single time I cry out to you & every single time I worship & adore You. You are worthy.

Lord, Please help us all to remember that there is nothing in our lives that You don’t see, don’t care about & can’t fix. By faith, we choose to trust You with every facet of our life today, even when we are at our weakest.

Much love to you from El Roi,

Bonnie ♥

(image courtesy of andthengod.com)


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