My Visitor

I had just come back up the stairs to my apartment yesterday when something caught my eye – a flash of red down low to the ground. I stopped in my tracks, peering over the railing & was totally transfixed by a beautiful red cardinal. He hung around long enough to really get to me. You know what I mean? Like deep down in my soul.

What I felt in that transcendent moment was that I was being watched over & cared for & so was my loved one I’ve been losing sleep & peace over. I felt like all Divine attention was focused on me. Little ol’ me. Can you relate?

God was confirming to me He has heard every single prayer & collected every single tear with delicate care only a Heavenly Papa could or would. I could come undone & turn inside out right now just thinking about how much He really does love me.
And you.

My Mom loved birds. I miss her.

Life is full of climactic joys & the darkest of sorrows. Some of us are more acquainted with the latter than others. And somehow, someway – through our relationship with God/Christ & His Beautiful Spirit we are able to forge onward. We are able to laugh in the midst of the worst of things, cry in the midst of the best & praise God through it all. It is truly the utmost of foolish things that confounds the wisest among us.

You cannot put God in a box or all that He is.
He. Just. Is.

And He Is Love.

Here is to everything that we are & hope to be ~
& all the hills & valleys in between.

Much love & joy unspeakable y’all,

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