There Is Another

I feel like I am in the middle of the fiery furnace.
I did not ask to be here – who does anyway?
I also did not see this coming.

I certainly wouldn’t say I have had my head in the sand but sometimes life takes twists & turns & we are left coughing & sputtering in the ash & smoke as it swirls all around. Choking us & covering our hope up as fast as we can clean it off.

But I can also honestly say I am not hope-less.
However, I do feel help-less. They are 2 very different things.
When things are totally out of our control, what are we left with exactly? God.


And letting go.
And again.

Do any of you join me today in the furnace?

Well my G&G family, we are not alone.
There is Another here, walking around among us, seeing to it that we are not consumed. Being our counselor, our coach, our cheerleader.
Our Redeemer.

The lifter of our heads & the quencher of the fire.


Much love & protection in our trials,



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