The Weights That Weigh Us Down & The Love That Lifts Us

I went home at lunch yesterday to eat & let my lil brown buddy out like I do every work-day. I noticed a pizza delivery car out in front of my apartment building when I got there & didn’t think much of it.

I heard him making his way up the stairs ahead of me & could tell his steps were labored. When I came back out to walk Otis, he was headed back down to his car. He was a large-framed morbidly obese man & he could barely walk. You could tell with every step he was in pain & he moved very, very slow..

I almost lost it right there. Something about him, something in him just hit me in my core. With his physical limitations, to have that particular job must be incredibly difficult. Some people would say something awful or judgmental about him & all I could think about was how he is still out there, making a living the best way he knows how – not lazy or sitting at home doing nothing. Wasting away. He is doing it, even in pain.

And I thought about how so many of us walk around in the same condition for different reasons. With things weighing us down – that are sometimes crippling. Life circumstances. An addicted child or spouse, brother or sister, or friend. An abusive partner & you just don’t know how to break free. Infidelity, indifference, distance. Loneliness. And we still rise & go on. Even when it feels impossible. When the day seems like it will never end & a new day will never come. When we long to just go Home – for good. Because life can be hellish. Just damn hard sometimes. No other way to put it.

Yet. We. Keep. Getting. Up.

Some call it necessity. Or duty. Responsibility.
Doing the “right” thing.

I call it the Grace of God.
I call that Love lifting us.
I call it miraculous, for some of us.
Because what we are facing threatens & hisses to be the end all that is all.

And His promises still stand through eternity.

And. I. Believe.

Much love & getting up – please keep getting up y’all,


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