The Way Is Made

Are you facing any “impossibilities” right now – any this-is-just-too-hards?

I read this blurb in the wee hours this morning & it jumped off my little phone screen –

“I am not MAKING a way for you-I have ALREADY MADE a way.”

It went off in my soul like the resounding & dazzling of Independence Day fireworks.

I forget sometimes – & maybe it’s only me – that God sees my entire life – not just where I am now & before. He sees yesterday, today & tomorrow & the next & the next. In fact, He doesn’t exist in “time” as we do. It’s hard to wrap my finite & tiny brain around but nonetheless it is Truth. Is it not?

It’s no wonder He tells us not to worry about tomorrow, for today has enough worry. Amen.

If you are down-trodden this morning, look to Him. He is the lifter of your beautiful & disheveled head.

If you feel hopeless & your humanity is looming over you like a shadow, tell Him “Lord I believe – help my unbelief”.

If you are confused & weary in the battle of don’t-know-which-way-to-go, ask & it shall be given. With generosity & Grace.

Thank you Jesus we are not alone –
God help us if we were.

I don’t know how people do it without You.

Much surrender & running into the arms of Love,


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4 thoughts on “The Way Is Made

  1. Carl Ray

    Spot on Bonnie. 🙂

    Words of advice I heard 25 years ago that parallel what you said – ” God has a plan that has existed an eternity before you, is currently running alongside all your broken plans and will continue long after you. The best that you can do is quit trying to make more plans and listen for your part in His plan. He provided a way, a means and a guide for you to find out your purpose and part in His plan. The only things you need to do is choose to be your part and follow the plan.”

    “Whosoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.” – Matt. 16:24-26

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