Cry Out To Jesus

I am admittedly tired & completely wrung out. I tossed & turned all night & wrestled with God only knows what. I have quite a bit on my mind & have been praying a lot for someone I love very much.

I do know where help can be found.
It lies in the promises that were divinely inspired & penned for me long ago.

Words of life where death looms.
Hope where it seems hopeless.
A lifter for my head when I can’t.
And great beauty for the ashes of what’s burning right now.

I would be totally lost without this Great Hope. Without Jesus. If I had not seen His power roll away mountains of impossibility in my own life I wouldn’t have the faith today that I do for those I love.

It is something you have to experience for yourself. Just taking one tiny step in that direction is enough to begin for anyone who is skeptical. I get it. Especially with so many people running around spouting all grades of hell wrapped up in religiosity & calling it the Gospel. God help us all.

I am slowly rising to my feet on the inside right now because I honestly don’t even feel like it physically- & I proclaim ~
I shall see the Great Goodness of God right here in the land of the living.

Right. Here.


Much love & hope against all hope y’all,

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