The Living & Dying Of Letting Go

Good morning y’all.

Let’s just get down to it –  Why is it so &^%$# hard to truly let go of something or someone?

Normally what drives or drags us to that point is when we have tried & tried & tried or hoped & hoped & hoped. And nothing happens. Nothing changes.

Or maybe sometimes it does for a while. A long while even. We start to breathe again. Sleep more soundly. We rest in the The Land Of All Is Well. But one day everything changes. Everything gets turned upside down. Right on top of us. We certainly didn’t expect it & certainly didn’t ask for it.

And then all we are left with is what was or what we think could have been. At least that’s how it feels anyway.

It’s so hard not to put our little hands on it. To try to maneuver, push, pull & fashion it into what we think it should be. And sometimes we do & muck it up. Like really muck it up.

There are just some things that will reject our “help”. Reject our “good intentions”. But we mustn’t believe WE are what’s being rejected. It’s what we offer that is. What a helpless, helpless feeling.

When we say “All we can do now is pray”, it sounds a little trivial. But it is not. Oh no. It’s the greatest & very best thing we can do.

And the hardest.

The faith-walk isn’t always walking. For me anyway. It’s crawling, begging, stumbling, tossing & turning. Fighting unbelief while I believe from the bottom-depths of my soul. Ripping away the screen that keeps playing the horror movie where no-one is left alive. Where all hope is gone.

But. It’s. Not.

God is ever-still Greater. He sees what we can’t. Knows what we don’t. He knows best. Even if that best is what looks the very worst to us.

In all the dying of letting go of what we can’t change, it is possible to live. To grow stronger, to lean the whole weight of ourselves into Jesus. To place the whole weight of our burden on Him. And that last little part we think we are hiding? Yep, that one too. Give it to Him. C’mon. We can’t do anything with it anyway.

Join me today. Let’s be brave – afraid. Release that situation for the 100th time to God. And try to rest. Really try.

Please help us today. Have Mercy & heap Your Great Love & Grace on us. On our loved ones. Do for us what we cannot do right now. Do for them what they cannot do for themselves. Help us to stop holding our breath & panicking to the brink of what feels like death. YOU are life Lord. You are OUR life. Apart from You we are & we have nothing. But with You, in You – we have everything we need this second. This hour. This day.

We let go, as an act of our will, an act of our faith – this thing. This person. We entrust it, them – to you. Right now.

In Jesus’ Wonderful, Mighty, All-Powerful, Beautiful name..

Much love, hope & letting go y’all,



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