My Furry Flood & More Of What Matters

This little fella has been uprooted & dragged hither & yon for over 3 years now. And of late not feeling too much himself either.

All afternoon today I’ve been moving & lugging most of my things in preparation for my big move into single-independence next weekend. He has stayed happily & faithfully at my feet following me back & forth to the garage & throughout the house we’ve called home for the last almost 2 years. At one point I thought he was going to trip me up & send me & my things flying & I snarled at him. Three times.

As he lay here with me in the recliner tonight plum-tuckered out it hit me. I’m so sorry for that Otis. You just wanted to be with me.

Love the ones you’re with.

Notice them.

And stay present. Because one day they’ll be gone.

I want to be more that kind of Mom to my precious son that was just snuggled on my chest all plump & warm like it was yesterday & now he’s 23. And amazing me more every day.

I want to be more that kind of sister. That kind of friend.

Lord help me to slow down a little more. Actually a lot. More.

Thank you for the lessons.

And the undeserving do-overs & the Love that brings me to my knees & fades my regrets.

Though they never fully leave me.

I am facing my 45th in just 14 short days.

I think it’s high time I relax & savor this life I have been so graciously given. More. Most.

Drink in what really matters.

This flood of aware-ness & real-ization was brought to me & hopefully to you today by my 16 year-old miniature dachshund Otis.

And I think God may have just had His hand in it a smidge too….

Much love y’all,



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