And Exhale…

Happy NEW Year y’all!

I hope you are filled with as much expectancy & hope as I am.

I was just going about my normal getting-ready-for bed routine last night & caught myself smiling. Then changing into my pj’s dancing to a lil ditty on TV.

And it hit me- the peace I felt.

I’m satisfied. No angst, no heartache.

It was a well-with-my-soul moment.

I’ve said & said it but it really is the little things. Extra-ordinary little everyday life.

I admit the holidays SUCKED. For me. And for a few of you, from what you have shared with me. It’s just life sometimes.

A pondering though:

Why must I – why must we – clamor for more, more, more all the time? When what we have right now is just OK. I mean really OK.

What drives us? Pressure from other people, envy of other people & what they have? And if we could really see into their little worlds we’d see they have stuff too. Garbage, baggage, problems. Snot & depression & loneliness. Yep – even in a picket-fence marriage with the perfect number of children.

All that glitters ain’t gold my sisters & brothers.

Fairy tales only exist in our over-romanticized hearts & minds. Thanks to Harlequin & the over-blown media world we exist in. I identify far more with Staind’s 14 Shades of Gray than E.L. James’ 50 Shades.

Really? So that’s what brings happiness & fulfillment? Hmmm. Good luck with that.

But do not despair – there is a Light at the end of the tunnel. It’s within view. Sometimes you just gotta squint a little.

There is good to be found & love to be discovered.

And peace.

Glorious, fantastic, sweeter-than-honey peace.

Right. Now.

If we want it bad enough.


I have plenty to be thankful for smack-dab exactly where I am. Yep, right here. It’s a realization I keep coming back to of late.

Most of all, when I think about my son & how far he has come – literally snatched from the grave & now living a good & healthy life – that right there is enough. I have said it to the Lord more than once –  if You never do another thing for me, what you have done for him is more than I ever deserve. Reality check.

And check.

Thank you Lord for being patient & loving & beyond generous. And for much, much more than that.

I cannot contain it.

You are so, so good to us. In spite of us…

Your mercy is a beautiful thing.

Annnnnnnd exhale.

Much love y’all & much Peace in this New Year,



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