Dedicated To My Beautiful Sister

Good morning y’all – it’s 2015!!!! (You can’t see me but I’m doing the happy dance–)

This post is dedicated to my beautiful sister Gwen. Today is her birthday.

She is truly one of those beautiful-inside-and-out souls – & a multifaceted one at that.

And if I told you her age, you’d never, ever, EVER believe me.

For as long as I can remember she has walked softly, lovely – & with grace.

Light beams come through her like sunshine through the trees on the most beautiful of days & she oozes the love of God. It comes through her pores. Truly.  She assuredly is one of His favorites…(like we all are.) 😉

(As a side-note, when I was 15 – she came along & watered the seeds our eldest brother Alan had sown into my life when I was a child – which led to my faith in Christ. I would not even be here today without that love, without those prayers – nor would I be who I am. That’s a fact.) 

She is an artiste – in the truest sense of the word. She is beautifully creative – what she swirls & splashes & pens & pencils in life-like detail is amazing.

Simply. Amazing.

That creativity comes through in her home too. She decorates with her own unique style & I have gleaned much from her. In fact I unabashedly mimic in my own spaces. In that same vein, her clothing & accessories & hair & makeup are all just lovely.

And. So. Her.

I. Love. Her.

Gwen is a wonderful wife & her unwavering love for her children is a power I hope to wield in like-fashion for all the years of my own son’s life. She has been a mentor & model for me in many ways.

She is a wonderful sister to me & to my siblings – the best I or we could ask for. She is also my friend. She never judges & only loves & encourages me.

Anyone – I mean anyone – who gets to partake in all that she is is a blessed one indeed.

There is none like her.

And I get to call her my sister. By blood. And by Blood.

❤ ❤ ❤

I hope that you feel honored today. And every day.

Because you should.

Happiest Birthday Gwendy – You Lovely, Lovely Creation.

I love you to the moon.

Forever your very grateful little sister,



(this is one of my most favorite pictures of her – it personifies her being..)

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