Friday Ramblings & Thank You-s In Spite Of Us

Well hey y’all!  As you know, of late my blogging has been rather scarce. Truthfully if I had written all the things that have ambled through my cluttered mind the last month or so, you might think differently of me.

I have been busy attending Christmas parties & pity parties & grief parties & lonely parties….. And joy parties too.

The joy parties have made the other stuff more bearable. Thank You Lord.

Thank You for my friends that know exactly what to say & when & how. And the sincerity behind it. You know who you are.

Thank You for the sweet & warm moments with my li’l brown buddy Otis. He has been my faithful companion for a very long time. When I am aching to show love to someone with skin on, he’s a willing participant.


And thank You for the sweet & warm moments with You Lord. When I was crying & down for the 10,000th time & You hold me & lift me up & encourage me beyond it. Every single time. Without fail. And you never once lambaste me for flailing & falling. Again.

Thank You for holding me the same way but different when I cry tears of over-joy at how well my son is doing. How well you have taken care of him. And at how well You have taken care of me – how we don’t deserve it – how good You are to us. In spite of us. So much so sometimes I can’t even peel myself off the floor – till I turn inside out. Till my offering of gratitude empties enough that I can get up.

I don’t need Thanksgiving or Christmas to be reminded of how much I have been given. What a Gift You Are every single day of my life. I am guilty of allowing life-stuff to suck whatever the magic is supposed to be surrounding the two – but I remain grateful to You. I say that not to be braggadocious  – not at all. I say it to testify that a foundation of a relationship with God makes even the worst, loneliest, most pain-of-all-kinds days more bear-able. Live-able. Even when I suck so bad at walking “right” or how others think I should – or shouldn’t. I say it to remind myself there is only one judge of me – only one opinion of me that truly matters when it all boils down. And You have a lot of really great stuff to say about me. Things that help this uber-thin skin to grow thicker -smallish step by smallish step- as I walk my days out here in this wide world.

Join me.

Let’s say it together –  “Thank You Lord” –

Much love y’all – & Merry Christmas,


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