Moments, Time Travel & Something Worth A Ponder

How would we be different with each other if we could time travel back to those moments? The ones that were resting at the end of Things. Different things. You know the ones. The moments that matter.

Or they should have but maybe we were too self-involved to notice.

I’m willing to wager we would listen more intently- hanging on every word. Each one. Not allowing ourselves to be distracted with “more important” things.

We would have more empathy & authentic kindness. Not sputtering the pretend gully-washers of empty words we can all be guilty of.

We would let judgment go like yesterday’s trash – & toss anger along with it. Gladly. With no regret. And no need for vengeance & vindication.

We would bridge gaps & work gladly with fervor to restore the lost Things. We’d love more, hold each other longer & we would learn. Oh how we would learn.

We’d stop looking at our shoes in shame or contempt & look each other in the eyes instead. Really look. And we’d see them, they would see us – maybe for the first time. In truth. See the heart & not the indifference. Or the hatred. The envy.

The little habits & idiot-syncrasies that bothered us so would become endearing. Again. Just tiny different little & big parts that make them up. An individual we once valued so highly. Before.

The hardness of defiance & pride would soften into willing compromise. Fear of the unknown & all the awful what-ifs & the why-fors would absolutely & utterly dissolve.

If. Only.

Oh to be loved & to love with no fear at all. Can you imagine?

That is divinity. To be as I hope we are with God.


Maybe we really can do a time travel of sorts – wading back through Before. To the Things. Acknowledging where we left them lying undone. Or messy. Unsaid. Unforgiven.

We can make mental notes with permanent marker as lessons on how to proceed now & in the future. Into our Things. With our People. To trade beauty for those scattered ashes.

It’s just one way we can experience the mercy of a new day.

Another wonderful free Gift from our God. Among so many.

To live on purpose & mean it, really mean it- to mean the Moments.

That is to really live. To really Love.


Much love & much less living with regret,



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