Little Turning Points

I shared this on my Facebook last night & thought I would pass it on to my blog readers. I hope that if any of you are struggling with the holiday season like me, it will encourage you somehow.

Robbie called tonight. He sounded so good. He is so healthy & clear. After we hung up I snotted face-down on the carpet in turn-inside-out gratitude. And prayed the continual fervent warring prayer of a Mother who wants long-life & the best for her son.

Then shortly after, I walked out of my room to make a final trip to the throne before bed- & stopped in my tracks.

My eyes were drawn to the left in the living room. My roommate’s Christmas tree. That she bought from TROSA. Beautifully decorated & blanketed in the soft glow of white lights. My favorite. The rest of the house was dark & quiet- I’m glad she waited a little later to turn it off tonight.

I’ve seen it for days & days, passing by it over & over. And I haven’t given it a 2nd glance. I’ve tried to ignore it actually, as sad as that sounds. It is what it is.

But just now I felt absolutely no indifference. My skin didn’t crawl. I caught myself smiling. I felt warm. Like The Grinch when his heart began to glow.

It reminded me of home. And Mom. And days gone by. And it was ok. Really ok. Just like that- a turning point? I don’t know. But I’ll take whatever it is. Because it’s the little things after all that make a difference isn’t it?

Thank you Lord. – for so much. Thank you.

Much love & warmth to us all in our hearts through this holiday season – in spite of any dread we may have felt facing it ~  



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