I know I haven’t been as active in BlogLand the last couple of weeks. This is not an easy time of year for me, admittedly.

I will pick up the pace soon enough, I am sure.

I am truly thankful regardless of any aversion to the holidays. Even when I hit my lows, gratitude always bubbles up. I don’t understand it, but I’ll take it. It’s like a well that never runs dry.

My son has life –  that’s the one thing I am most thankful for in this wide world. My relationship with him is stronger than ever. And all of that right there sends me to my knees in weeping humility constantly. True story.

I have life & no more shame from my past. That is a miracle in & of itself. 🙂

And I have my relationship with God – the other thing I am most thankful for – outside of the confines of this world.

I am thankful for my family & true friends. Where would I be without you? I love y’all all.

And I am thankful for trials. Yes, even those. They have raised me & taught me & rocked me & pushed me onward.

I will get to the other side of this holiday season with a smile on my face. A declarative. Staring down & welcoming 2015  – with more hope & faith in my heart than the blurry & vaporous year before.

“It’s all good” in the grande scheme. It just is.

Because we are not alone. We aren’t.

And if we look around, though some may be squinting & straining –  we will see it.

All of us.

And if you don’t, keep looking.

Keep being thankful – no matter what.

Because there is always, always, always some-thing to be thankful for.

Much Love in whatever season you may find yourselves y’all,



(courtesy of & Charles Schulz, of course)

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