To Hell With The Other Shoe

Two people this morning have texted me that I was heavy on their minds & they sent their love. Within like an hour of each other – & they don’t know each other. It immediately freaked me  out a little. And WHY?

Why did I immediately go to “Well something bad must be about to happen..” ?

Because I apparently am still suffering from WFTOSTD Syndrome.  (Waiting for the other shoe to drop.)

And God is trying to free me from it.

I get the point. Duly noted Lord.

Thank you to my two friends for loving me & for God who sent them to me this morning.

Thank you for reminding me I am surrounded by love.

Sometimes we really need to hear it – not just in passing but to get it deep-down in our know-er – where the well can run dry if left unattended. Distracted by life & ideals & lying-hissing thought patterns. That need breaking. Bad.

I am great at telling y’all how much you are loved & I really believe you are. So much I do.

But for myself? Sometimes it’s still a struggle. Perspective.

I just felt a shift. Honestly. That’s a victory.


Much LOVE y’all – & for me too.


I Am Loved

(Courtesy of mockpiestudioblogspot)

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