Monday Rant

Since when does being nice mean “I’m Interested?”

In today’s society we have grown so accustomed to living in our own little worlds that we fail to show consistent kindness. As a result of this societal conditioning – when we are actually polite it’s many times misconstrued.

I am a very friendly person by nature & I like to engage people in conversation. Because I understand the need to be heard & feel validated as a human being, I try to extend the same to others – male or female. And sometimes it’s taken in a way that is not my intent in the least. And that just makes things awkward – because then I might have to explain I am not interested that way. No one likes to be or feel rejected. It’s certainly never been in the Top Ten of my favorite things anyway.

It is really sad to me that it seems like the only way to avoid this is to appear aloof or snotty.

I am not that person. And I know many of you aren’t either. So where does that leave us?

I’m working out the answer for myself. Right now I just don’t know exactly what that is.

And I am certainly not The Lone Rangerette here. I have other friends & acquaintances complaining of the same.

It just sucks that that’s the world we live in today.

Just sayin’…

Much love y’all,



6 thoughts on “Monday Rant

  1. Carl Ray

    You hold to a higher standard where your acts of kindness are normally for the good of the person being shown the kindness. Other’s do not hold to that standard or any standard that allows them to see that as the intention. They aren’t use to it or they see the intention as an attraction instead, Because of that, things can get misconstrued and misunderstood.

    You’re probably aware of that already but, as for me – single man working in a teen ministry, this make things extremely sensative. You have to show you care and how much you care but be careful of the klingy teenage girl with father issues, the married mom with husband issues and the single mom looking for a father figure husband. Things can get you some deep trouble if I’m to careful.

    Just thought I’d share the perspective.

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    1. Absolutely Carl- you are so right. That is a great explanation. & Ministry can def be very tricky that way. I think when counseling someone of the opposite sex its always best to have another person there as a witness.


  2. Becky

    I am friendly, too, B. And I’m bubbly and vivacious and…I am that way here and there and everywhere. But…I have noticed myself, having come from the dark background I have with betrayal and deception, that I hold back towards the male species. I do not mean it to, and hope it doesn’t come off aloof or snotty, but the eye contact and level of friendliness is completely different than what I offer towards women. I say all that because I know what you’re ranting here is true.

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