Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are your own fears. ~ Rudyard Kipling

Who else besides me struggles with the hissing of fears?

Here are a few biggies:




Job security


Most of the time what has us in panic-mode is nothing more than a lie.

Those lies have purpose –

To rob us of joy

To cause anxiety attacks & depression

To make a molehill into a mountain

And if you are a Christian, you know that fear can very-much-so take your eyes off of God & place them squarely & intently on the issue at hand.

Instead of praying & resting we get all tied up in knots & before we know it we are in the corner in a straight-jacket of sorts, of our own making.

And it all started with one little lie. That grew into a bigger lie.


I have faced a lot of fear –  I mean A LOT. So I don’t judge it for sure – I get it.

And I still battle it. Just not as much as I have in the past. Hallelujah on that one. Phew.

One thing that does help me – among others – is to say & remind myself that God IS Greater. Greater than whatever I am facing. And that I am safe in His capable hands. I am. I really really am.

And I am so thankful He doesn’t leave me when I doubt or worry – I am human. It still happens.

Just keep yanking up those boot straps & steppin’ your way to a better day –  sometimes a better hour depending..

Just keep on going whatever you do. Don’t give up.

Much love & truth in able Hands,



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