Take It Off Baby

Happy Friday BlogLand!

I saw the quote below on Pinterest & as simple as it is, it is also very profound. It inspired me today.

What are you “wearing” that’s weighing you down?

Is it unrequited love?

Is it hope for a hopeless thing?

Are you constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Are you harboring bitterness towards someone & you need to forgive?

Is it a poor self-image?

I could go on & on here – fill in your own thing – _______________.

Whoever is reading this, you are probably nodding your head. You know exactly what it is in your life. Even though it can be really, really, really tough – taking whatever it is off – is going to be your Hallelujah Moment. I can feel it.

For you.

Yes you.

Now you may just need some help because it could be that it’s so tightly wound around you that you can hardly breathe. I get it. Oh how I get it.

Lean on your friends, your family – those you are closest to. (Not the cray-cray ones – the ones who are, at best, solid or solid-ish.)

Lean on sound counsel.

Seek professional help – rehab – a program. Whatever you know deep-down that you need – even if you haven’t said the words out of your mouth –  yet. It’s ok.

Don’t be afraid of it. Or ashamed. It’s not shameful to ask for help if you genuinely need it.

Just get FREE.

Don’t let it swallow your life up – your loved ones up.

Don’t let it leave you lying in your last moments with the worst kind of regret there is. Make your life worth living starting today.

Much love & taking it off baby – & the bravery to do it,



4 thoughts on “Take It Off Baby

  1. Carl Ray

    Cray-Cray?? Lol

    Excellent advice and way of delivering that advice.
    People get help quicker when they trust the wisdom and experience of someone who is and has walked in the same footsteps of the path they are walking through their ordeal.


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