God, Me & The Beetle In The Lavatory

I see things in all kinds of things. In the weirdest ways. Teachable & relatable stuff – for me, if for no one else. This one made me chuckle. And think.

The other day I went into the company lavatory for some me-time. 🙂 Hey, I am trying to keep this clean. As I sat down, something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. Down near my feet was a little beetle on its back –  legs kicking at quite a rate of speed. And he (or she) was going nowhere fast. My first inclination was to go ahead and rescue it. But I became transfixed on this little lad (or lassie) – & suddenly I became God & that beetle –  well (she) became me. Now don’t go writing me letters or chasing me with flaming torches – I certainly don’t think I am God. If I was we’d all be up shit-creek with no paddles in sight.

Anyway, so there “I” am – flat on my back & kicking & screaming – a conglomeration of angst & anger & confusion. Once in a while I would exhaust myself with it all & my appendages would go limp. A necessity if I was going to survive – we all need to rest you know. And then I’d be back at it again – flailing nowhere fast. But I thought I was doing something productive. Well maybe. Now how I got there, I don’t know. Again, well maybe. I mean, I was just going along – la-le-la-le-la – and all of a sudden –  BAM, I’m down for the count. And helpless, or so I think. Perspective.

Shift to God – I (now God) looking at me from His perspective. Squirming there & wearing myself out. Trying to do something on my own that frankly, I just can’t.

And I (God) watch Bonnie with Love, knowing that there is no real danger present at that moment – though it could be on the way without my intervention. She can hardly see her hand in front of her face. And I wait. Which to some may seem cruel –  but I’m God & I’m not cruel. I am Love. I wait to rescue her. I mean, I know I am going to – just not quite yet. She’s having a hard time believing that I am because of the circumstances surrounding her at the moment & is in full-blown panic mode. I must wait for the perfect moment.

And there it is.

I gently reach to scoop her up & what does she do? She gets her footing & off she goes. But in order for her to truly be rescued from this place she found herself in, I must take her somewhere else. So I continue to gingerly hem her in – this way & that – in perfect imperfection. And she finally relinquishes all her striving & surrenders.

And then I finally have her on all sides & have enveloped her safely in my hand. She stills in my grip in an aha-moment & I carry her to a place of safety & set her free. I know she is thankful & I smile with the deepest kind of Love as she scurries off. I know it won’t be long & she’ll need me again. And I will always, always be there.

Much love & being rescued when we find ourselves in those dratted places we honestly MUST have help to get out of,

Bonnie, Your Fellow Beetle


(Courtesy of 6legs2many)

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