Authenticity, Inevitability Of Change & Finding Acceptance In Love

I am a firm believer in living out loud – authentically – & being yourself. Not living to appease everyone around you – but noteworthy to say also not using being you as an excuse to purposefully hurt people either. There are some parts of being us that we must learn to control, to tame, to pull back  – so we don’t cut & slash away at those we love or those we first meet, strangers – the like. In being 100% expressly who we are, we must learn to dance the dance with grace. It’s like the fact that I am a makeup lover – I love all things makeup – seriously – but I am not going to wear every single bit of the makeup I own at one time. Oh my, the visual….  Do you get what I’m saying?

Be real & honest with yourself. If you are really unhappy or squirming around like a fish out of water –  then dig deeper & find out why. Make adjustments – search your soul for answers. Seek sound counsel. Sometimes it’s us that needs to change – sometimes it’s our environment  – sometimes we need to make radical decisions. Change is inevitable – life doesn’t ebb & flow according to our desires all the time. Ahem.

And in relationships – which, frankly, has a lot to do with our unhappy & our squirming – I feel this should be our goal to each other – though we will fall short sometimes. (You can apply this in friendship or with a significant other) :

Your partner allows you to be you –  whilst you allow them to be them – & you both are actually able to enjoy it. To agree to disagree, to respect each other & value each other’s thoughts & opinions. To commit to protecting your relationship from the little demons always creeping around trying to steal from you – not allowing anyone else in – guarding it with your life. Staying faithful to your bond, out-giving one another, being mindful of the other, caring how our actions affect each other.

That is what I want. And I can already hear some of you laughing – that I will never find it. I get how you got there. I do.

But I would rather wait & be alone than settle for soul-sucking & selfish ambition. I would rather add to someone & have them add back to me & to be ambitious together. Not heavy on just one side or the other but a mutual support & love of one another as individuals. Keep the scales balanced.  I believe it’s attainable. I do.

And naysayers, I say to you – if I never find it – I will just keep on living & loving & hoping regardless – as though someday I will.

Here is to living authentically & with grace & class~

Much love & big beautiful infinite hope y’all,



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