Saturday Scoring On The Way To A Dream – A Sunday Post

This blog-land entry is being brought to you today by my new coffee cup. I purchased it for myself after its message rang a sweet little bell in my soul. I hope you’ll hear it too.

I woke up yesterday realizing the slump & heavy of recent days prior had left me. Score. And boy was I grateful. I despise those days. I mean – they teach me & help me with hindsight 20/20 vision & all that – but they still suck. I had my coffee with Otis & bounded into my day with Lassie-like fervor.

It started with an oil change – my first one on my new car. And I had no idea, but it was free. And so are the next 5. Or maybe I forgot my salesman told me it would be. Either way it was still a surprise. Score.

While I was waiting I sat outside on the bench – it was too beautiful of a day not to. And I had a revelating conversation with a close friend. As it usually goes with her gift, she helped me to see things clear on something I was pondering. Like, really clear.  Score.

I left there & went over to the mall and made a few purchases. That’s always fun. Score.

Lastly, I swung through a neighboring town to home & got my car detailed. It looked just like the day I bought it. These guys did an unbelievable job & for a fraction of what I’ve paid to others in the past. They took such pride in their work too –  with each step in the process they would stop & look at what they had just done to make sure it was right & make any necessary adjustments. It was well worth the wait. Score.

While I waited & watched something that doesn’t happen to me very often did. I can only call it a God thing because it always feels giant-much-bigger-than-me.

To begin: The day before I had stopped in at this car wash to inquire on pricing, hours etc. & one of the young men who were working there answered my questions. He was strapping in stature & had the kindest eyes & smile & an endearing stutter. To me it made him more beautiful. He held himself with pride & professionalism & I decided then & there I would be coming back the next day.

So when I returned yesterday, he was there. As I was sitting & waiting, I watched he & the others work on the detail & this “thing” that happens to me on rare occasions struck. It was all about him. It started as a swell inside my chest & made it’s way up & out of eyes & next thing I know I am crying it out. And my mind is filled with thoughts & words I know I HAVE to go tell him. And if I don’t my chest will explode everywhere. That’s how it really feels. Like I have no choice but to get it out. I was like “Lord, really? Here & now? Well you’re gonna have to help me because I don’t want this fella to think I am nuts. Help me, help me..”

Quickly after, the opportunity laid out as plain as the nose on my face – & that’s pretty plain. He went over to the side to sit & rest next to his boss after he finished his part in the detail process. And here I go. By the time I got to him I was pretty much a mess again. It is what it is. In my not-so-famous rambling style I asked the man he was working for first if I could speak to him for a moment, explaining & apologizing for my intrusion but that I felt I had to do this. I introduced myself, shook his hand, asking his name & how old he was. (Demetrius & 19.) I told him I had a son not much older than him & explained briefly what he had been through & how well he was doing now. And I shared what I felt God showed me about him.

The first thing was that there was something so incredibly special about him. That I could see greatness in him & that I had no clue what his story or background was – or even how he sees himself. But regardless of what may or may not have happened to him along the way –  he is precious & loved & so special. That his future is bright & not to doubt it. To not ever let anyone tell him any different & actually believe what they say. I can’t explain it but I, for years, have “seen” things about people. Yesterday I saw God’s hand right down on top of Demetrius’ head. (I have seen this same thing on a few others before too. It blows my mind every time.) And when I told him that – I placed my hand right down on top of it too – & you should have seen the smile that lit up his face & the whole world right there. Not in an embarrassed way or in a what-the-heck-is-this-lady’s-deal way – but in the kind of way when someone smiles a real smile from deep down in the happy-well inside. When it was over he thanked me genuinely. Score. (huge one)

I walked back over to my original waiting spot under the shade tree & here comes his boss, chair in hand. I thought – oh no –  what’s coming. (Remember he had just witnessed what happened even though I kind of forgot he was even sitting there while it was happening) He sits down next to me & introduces himself & asks more about my son. Then he begins to tell me some things about his life he says he has never told a customer before. They were very similar to what my son had been through. He encouraged me as a Mom & for my son’s future – that if he can make it and be successful & have a blessed life, so can he. And the tears crank up again. Score (another huge one.)

Let’s just say I floated home.

I started off my day yesterday saying that some days you just feel more alive & that I did. I had no idea where the day would take me but I am so thankful it took me where it did.

I got more perspective on what life is really all about & it’s not just me. That’s for sure. And it’s so much more worth living that way.

And these dreams I have for my son, for myself –  if I’ve gotten lost on any point & find a better one, I’ll take it. For him, for me – yes.

Much love, dreaming, being lost & found in better days to come,



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