What Are We Waiting For? (%$#@!)

Wait – another 4 -letter word. I’m on a roll lately with these.

To wait requires patience. And many times – depending on what we are waiting for – faith.

I don’t mean like in line at Walmart –  even though that can be a mini-hell in & of itself.

I mean like waiting on word that something is happening in our favor – like a promotion for instance. Or whatever your “thing” may be. Something you desire in your heart of hearts. I know you know what I mean.

Confession – I am not so good at it. At this thing called waiting. Nope.

I squirm & wiggle & usually only “rest” once I have worn myself out. I am such a little girl sometimes – even at almost 45. Wanting what I want & how I can act not having it when I want it. I take a crazy path to find peace in the middle of waiting but I do eventually find it. I come in & out of it, but it’s always there waiting when I am ready. To say I am grateful for that is an understatement. I know it lies within me. In my innards. Lord help me. And He does.

Why does it have to be so hard sometimes? Not “knowing” what’s going to happen. Not being sure if the outcome will be what we think we want. Having faith in what we can’t see – yet. I mean not a crumb, nothing. No clue. Except for some little “signs” that seem obvious, pointing to the good outcome that’s coming – but then other things clamor to counteract it. The dance between faith & what we can’t see or truly predict. Did I mention I am not a good dancer?

It’s twisty too because waiting can be exciting at the same time – dreaming what it will be like if “it” happens. And as women especially, we romanticize everything –  even that new pair of shoes that we can’t quite afford – yet.

I am a mover/doer by nature. Which means I get stuff done. I make a decision & then I make it happen. That’s a good thing a lot of the time & then sometimes, like when I am forced to wait on some-thing, it’s agonizing. Anyone out there feel me?

I realize walking by faith, waiting by faith – just comes easier for some of you. Because of the way you are wired. Good for you. (I’m not being sarcastic- not really)

And as I sit here & ponder – looking back –  truthfully it’s always good on the other side of my thing I had to wait for. Always.

It’s the getting there that is trying to my soul. Getting pulled apart like Stretch Armstrong between waiting for the other shoe to drop (a condition I still suffer from sometimes) & the belief that a really great thing may just happen. To me. For me. Again. (For the record though, as I have many times before – I told God driving down the road yesterday that if He never did another thing for me again –  I am still blessed beyond measure. I meant it.)

Today’s post definitely isn’t a class on how to wait. I would be the worst teacher for that. You definitely don’t want my method in the madness.

But I encourage you – if it’s worth waiting for, then do. Do it frustrated, do it afraid – cry, & please laugh some- just don’t bail.

Here’s to the mad, glorious process of waiting.

Much love & (eek) patience – & faith y’all,



4 thoughts on “What Are We Waiting For? (%$#@!)

  1. Carl Ray

    We may not be wired to wait but God can rewire us over time if we allow him to. Patience is a virtue. The farming analogy of planting seeds in a field is used over and over again in the NT. When it comes to farming, there is a lot of planting, tending and waiting. The planting and tending help the plant grow but they don’t make it grow. The fertility of the field helps the plant grow but it doesn’t make it grow. God makes it grow in His time. And, in that time, one sows what they reaped according to God’s will.


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