Standing, Staying Calm & (Sometimes) Stumbling Into Our Destiny

Paraphrased & add-libbed from a devotion I read earlier-

You may very well find yourself, like me. Right now standing on a promise we have held in our hearts – at the base of a proverbial mountain. Or maybe you’ve trekked half way up or are possibly even gracing the summit & you can almost taste victory – but alas, not yet.

Stay calm & take one step at a time. If you stumble, and you just might – it’s ok – just get back up & start again. I call it dancing personally. 🙂 Frustration & doubt are our enemies & they’ll cause us to make mistakes & go backward if we put stock in them. Just stop & take a break if you must & breathe – but gather yourself & don’t give up. Do try your best to let the end result go into God’s capable hands – He is able.

If you share in my same faith  –  then you know the word says if we lack wisdom we should ask for it & it will be given to us.

God directs our steps when we trust Him & lean not on our own finite understanding. It’s mind-boggling but He sees the whole she-bang –  from beginning to end of our vapor-lives. He sees what’s coming ’round the bend that we don’t yet. I think sometimes we are on the cusp of giving up when the answer – the door – is literally right around the next corner. Sometimes that door doesn’t look like what we thought it should, but what lies on the other side is beautiful. And I love beautiful things, don’t you?

We need to put our confidence in Him, not in each other with all the pressures & crap that brings  – but in trusting in God’s ability to protect & cover us. To take us safely to the next season of our life. To work in & through us to accomplish His will in our lives –  so that we are going forward in His graces, not relying on our imperfect-ness alone.

Shoot – I am building myself up this morning if nothing else. I hope it is doing the same for you – my blog-reading friends. I am thankful for each & every one of you. Truly. We are all in this thing called Life together. So let’s build each other up & make the best of it.

Isaiah 45:2 ‘I will go before you And make the crooked places straight; I will break in pieces the gates of bronze And cut the bars of iron.

Much love, much calm, much destiny y’all ~

Let’s not miss it!



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