A Prisoner Of Hope I Am

This lovely gem comes from one of my favorite pages on FB – Grit & Grace. Read it sloooooowly, really drink in what those words mean or possibly don’t mean to you – yet.

She also has a blog I have shared before. For some reason wordpress is not allowing me to add links at the moment. You can google it & it will pop up. 🙂 

Despair says nothing good can come from this.
Hope says something good CAN come from this.

Yes. Even that.

Despair is blind.

Hope is seeing with eyes of faith towards a future held by hands of love.

This is not pie-in-the-sky stuff, folks. It’s a living, breathing redemption in the face of all the ugly humanity has to offer. It is believing that beauty can and will and does come from the ashes.

Don’t be a dying prisoner of despair. May we all have the divine courage to be a living prisoner of hope ~



So many times her writing speaks to me exactly where I am. We are kindred even though we have never met. I too am a prisoner of hope. I am. I can’t seem to run out of it no matter how rocky the road ever gets because I believe in a God of miracles – of redemption, of restoration. I do. More than I believe anything else. Because I have seen it plainly in my own life. If you only knew the ridiculous mess I was & the things I have seen, done & had done to me. Now only traces of that mess still linger in comparison to their number before. Some of you know. Some think I am crazy. And that’s OK. It won’t stop me. Nope.

The wonderful thing about hope is it is contagious – and you & I who are prisoners of it can spread it around like the plague, but in a backwards-awesomeness-kind-of-way.

Here is to Hope y’all – it gives, lives & breathes whether we acknowledge its existence or not. It really does.

Much love & Big Beautiful Hope,


anna 4

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