What Is Love?

If your faith is the same as mine, then you believe that God Himself is Love. 

So what does that love truly look like? What does it mean for us personally? 

I came across this list that explains some of the attributes of that love & added my own personal-ness :

It’s abounding. (Exodus 34:6)it’s more than enough for me 

It’s merciful. (Psalm 25:6)it’s freely given in spite of me 

It’s wonderful. (Psalm 31:21)what can I add to that? 

It’s better than life. (Psalm 63:3) —  it keeps me going – I would ever again want to live without it

It’s faithful. (Psalm 89:24)never, ever once has it left me

It endures forever. (Psalm 118:4)nothing & noone can separate me from it

It’s rich. (Psalm 145:8)it supersedes anything material this life can provide 

It’s everlasting. (Jeremiah 31:3)I will always have it – forever with no doubt

It’s patient. (I Corinthians 13:4)I have said it many times –  but without that patience I would have just been a greasy spot long ago 

It’s kind. (I Corinthians 13:4)it is very kind to me, sweet & doting & fatherly- & my friend.

It’s wide and long and high and deep. (Ephesians 3:18) I cannot fathom its capacity 

It surpasses knowledge. (Ephesians 3:19)it is wild & free & has no bounds – it doesn’t care what color we are – what sex, what orientation, how awful or great we have been, or what we have done. It goes beyond all reasoning. Man cannot comprehend it. 

I have only been able to love, really love since I began to understand & receive how much I am loved. I wasn’t able to give what I did not possess. I only knew in part & walked in shadows of it, & selfishly at that.

Through the process of life-happenings – hardships, joys, triumphs & sorrows – & experiencing God’s love through all of it – I am now able to see people & myself differently. More clearly – past all the “stuff” (that we all have & yes that means you too..) Through to the core – that place deep inside where we all live from. Some of us live in shacks, some of us are homeless – some of us live in comfort & warmth & grandeur. It all depends on how we feel inside, how much worth we believe we have, how much we believe we are truly accepted & loved.

When I know I have played any part at all in helping someone to get there, I can’t contain what it does to me.   

I believe that’s what we are here for –  to point a lost & hurting world toward home. To walk with one another, shouldering, crying & laughing & getting angry for each other. Being empathetic – not lofty or self-righteous or jealous.  Praying, showing up, being kind & merciful & patient. We all need it sometime. 

We are God’s hands –  let’s make it our goal to present them authentically. 

Here is to receiving much Love & giving it away every chance we get – 


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6 thoughts on “What Is Love?

  1. Carl Ray

    1 Corinthians 13 is my favorite passage of scripture. If I may paraphrase the Apostle Paul –

    If I could speak on everything but love, I speak about nothing. If I possessed the ability to do anything but love, I am nothing. If I gain the world but have not loved, I gain nothing.

    True Love has many qualities – patience, kindness, endurance, steadfastness, hopefulness. It is humble, peaceful and shameless in every circumstance.

    Things of this world are temporary, even talents and knowledge. True Love lasts forever. Our perception allows us to see part of what is happening but, when the time comes because of perfect Love, we will see it all.

    Before Love, I perceived things as a child does. Now, I’m seeing things more clearly. All of my incompleteness will be made complete through that True Love, as He knows me completely.

    Of all the great things God has given us, 3 will last forever – faith, hope & love – and greatest of all is love.

    “For God SO loved the world that he gave his begotten son…. A simple two letter word in the English language makes this statement about Love SO much more powerful. 😉

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