Me? Yes, You. You Are Worth It ~

For a large part of my life I despised me. I daydreamed all the time about being someone else, especially as a child. I played with Barbie for hours & days & weeks on end – living vicariously through her. Her & her perfect, painted, plastic, anything-I-can-imagine-in-life-is-mine life. I honestly wanted to be her. Like really, really bad. 


But because of an arduous many-long-years process in my relationship with Who I believe to be my Creator, I like me today. Actually I love me. Most days anyway. It’s a good feeling. To be almost 100% comfortable in my own skin- most of the time. And sometimes I am completely comfortable. Those are the really, really great days. All of this because I finally realized my worth, my value – as a human being beloved by God. 


It’s not about what I can do or what I can give – but just who I am. Unique, created with purpose – purpose that I am still hammering away at. An evolving of sorts, into who I was first made to be before I ever was. It’s all there, in me. Just waiting to come out. 

Join me.

And if you already have – that’s freaking awesome.

So then go grab someone else’s hand & pull them along too. 

We are all worth it. You & me. Yes WE.

Yes we are.  

Much Love from above & within & without, 



2 thoughts on “Me? Yes, You. You Are Worth It ~

  1. Becky

    An evolving. I get that. I once described it as a revealing. God revealing to me the me that He made. Much to uncover, some to be tossed, still other things are restored from what my years in the far-off country did to me. On a good day I wouldn’t trade it for anything. On a bad day I simply need an attitude adjustment 🙂

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