Who Are You Seeing? How Do You Love?

A Monday admonition for us all & some things to ponder.  

I have written about this from time to time but I constantly see it & I see people hurting people. I have been guilty myself. This is not a holier- than-thou-thing, trust me. 

When is the last time you stopped to really “see” someone? To see past their outward appearance, or expression – past the things that maybe drive you nuts. To the heart of the person. 

Why are we so quick to reject or criticize when someone isn’t like we are? Or they don’t operate like us or make decisions like we would? How is it we are right & they are wrong – or vice-versa?

Love is patient & kind. It’s not jealous. It’s not prideful or selfish. Love forgives. Love is not happy when someone falls. Love takes life’s hits without ever giving up. Love believes all things, hopes for all things. Love keeps on keeping on, in all things.

Let’s take time today to stop & really “see” someone before we get frustrated, before we judge, before we gossip or criticize or tear down. 

Picture ourselves being in their shoes, hearing what we are saying or thinking about them. 

Push past the desire to trash this idea of taking some personal inventory, to avoid it or to laugh it off. 

It’s needed. This world is a tough enough place as it is. 

Much love & really seeing each other, 


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