When God Sweeps

I was chatting with a girlfriend about this & that & she asked me about a particular potential “suitor” I had been recently talking to. I told her about how he just disappeared with no indication as to why, POOF – &  then I said “God must be sweeping again.” The phrase just came to me out of somewhere & I thought it was pretty cool. Hence, another blog post is born.

I look back on the last few years where things or people have honestly just been swept out of my life. Was it always wanted? NO. Was it always needed? YES. Hindsight.

Incompatibility – not good or bad necessarily, just not right for me


Wolves in sheep’s clothing

Financial traps

Unscrupulous activity



Naive misconceptions

To name a few…

Sometimes I try to “help” Him as He sweeps – you know, poking around in the dustpan at what He’s removing, hoping to steal a little of it back. The good parts, where there actually are some. What harm is there in that anyway? And He just lovingly & patiently moves me aside, whistling whilst He continues with the swish-swish of the broom. A magic broom of sorts obviously, because when I try to put my hand to it, it never works nearly so well. I usually wind up with a worse mess than when my own attempts at cleaning up started. Yes – duly noted.

At this season in my life He’s sweeping around & around in my heart, gingerly getting into the cracks & the crevices. To the tiniest of hiding places where I have stuck things, just knowing they couldn’t be seen or found by anyone but me. And sometimes-frustratingly-knowing in contradiction that nothing ever truly goes unseen or undiscovered. Hidden things I’ve held on to, re-visiting them over & over – especially when I am lonely. I love to steal away into a corner, pull them out & hold them, curl up with them – remembering their sweetness like I was back there in those moments. But those memories are not meant to be popped like pills. They are only meant to rest in my soul as a reminder of blessing, of gratitude, of lessons learned. I am learning still.

In the sweeping, He is long-suffering & kind. He is never rude about it – He doesn’t delight in the mess I’ve made or say “I told you so” as He’s moving about. Instead, He bears the full burden of my mess. Sometimes He even stops to dance with me awhile. He gently speaks the truth to me, at times having to repeat it over & over, holding me as I cry because the truth can be so awfully hard to swallow. He encourages me, believes in me, & endures my craziness, my tantrums & my stubbornness. He has never, ever failed me. All of that in spite of me?  Why?

Because He is Love.

And welcome to sweep whenever He so chooses. For I know it’s truly for my good.

Here is to the sweeping & the hallelujah moments that follow when we see what’s underneath.

Much Love & swept-clean hearts y’all,



7 thoughts on “When God Sweeps

  1. Arla

    Bonnie I love your insight! You really get to the heart of things! This really spoke to me for what my 24 yo daughter is going through right now…I sent this to her in hopes she will see the insight as well! Keep blogging so fabulously my new friend!


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