There Are These Joys

You know, we can get so caught up sometimes in what we don’t have that we forget to drink in what we do. The proverbial forest & the trees. We are all familiar with this concept – all us humans anyway. It can be any of a myriad of things.

Right now I’m going to focus on the one I struggle with the most sometimes – being single. Waaahhhhhhh!!!


But it ain’t always so bad.

Like for instance –

This weekend I’m headed across our great state line to the beach with 2 other single girlfriends. And hopefully a 3rd will be joining us Saturday. And we are going to have a good time. Period. No significant-other-what’s-his-names distracting us with texting & phone calls & God only knows what else. Just us girls. Being girls. And laughing about silly boys & at each other.


And then there’s the on-a-daily-at-home-basis where I don’t have to be concerned about anyone really but me & my lil brown buddy Otis. He weighs a whole whopping 16 pounds – how hard can it be?

I go & come like I want – not answering to anyone at all. Yep, making my own schedule rocks.

I watch what I want on TV & listen to my own choice in music – flipping channels like a mad-woman if I so desire.

I can roll around & toss-this-way-and-that in my giant bed & it doesn’t irritate or wake anyone – well except maybe Otis. And it doesn’t matter what I look like when I rise. Nope.

And I get to drop face down in the carpet & do the ugly cry with God when I need to & no one has to see me after. Or question what-horrible-thing must’ve beset me. It’s not always bad anyway – sometimes it’s just plain ol’ gratitude that puts me there. That’s the best you know.

All perks. All joys. Large & small ones. 

Join me y’all & make your own list – of whatever it is you do have.

This was just a peek into one of several of mine. It oughta get you started on yourn. 😉

Oh yeah –  did I mention I’m going to the beach?  Don’t hate. Appreciate. ❤


Much love & joys acknowledged & abounding,















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