Ramblings On Friends, Strangers, Stabs, Specks & Planks

I am very blessed to have a large group of what I love to call my eclectic friends. They are different creeds, colors, orientations, temperaments – & I adore them all. I have been frowned upon by some of the company I keep. In generic response – I never read anything that said only love our neighbor as long as they are like us. Black, white, gay, straight, boring, crazy, ugly, beautiful, depressed & struggling. I could go on. How many people do we avoid because they are different? I have been there – I pray I never go there again.

It is so much more fulfilling to try to be kind to everyone we meet. It is not always reciprocated & I admit sometimes I get a little offended when it isn’t. Like when I smile & greet the cashier and all I get is a grunt. Ever happen to you? Yep. It is what it is.

I want to be the kind of friend that doesn’t back stab or gossip. I get uncomfortable around people when they are ripping someone else to shreds. If the tables were turned, how would they feel? We have all been there – on both sides. Neither side is pretty. Erring on the side of trying to see the best in someone & having hope for them is far less anxiety-ridden than the alternative. We expend so much energy & get ourselves all worked up talking about someone else’s stuff that we forget to prune the yards of our own. Specks & planks – take note. I am guilty too. I mean, we are all from the same race – the human one. Some of us just got really, really lost along the way. Some of us act it out in the craziest ways – others of us think we do a damn good job of hiding, fronting. Hmmm, ok.

Ponder that maybe – just maybe – you are meant to be the little penlight way off in the dark distance that brings them home – to hope again. This is really just an admonition to myself & all of us to try to be a better friend & a warmer stranger – especially when the sight of someone repels you. Reach deep inside & find that place that touches their humanity with grace. After all, you desire the same don’t you?

Much love & trying our hands at a higher kindness,




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