Fireflies, Promises & Invisible Arms

I stepped out onto the porch last night to let my lil brown buddy Otis out for his final relief of the evening. Normally I turn the light on for him & watch from the door for his safe & happy return. But this time I left the light off & stepped out with him. What happened next felt like – well – I can hardly describe it.

Once my eyes had adjusted to the dark & wide expanse of the front yard, what unfolded in front of me was amazing. Not only was the air filled with the night song of every living Southern thing, but I have never seen so many fireflies- all at once – in my entire life. I wanted to run inside & grab my roommate’s daughter off the couch to come & see but I was afraid if I moved, I would lose what I beheld. So I stood right there – as time came to a stop, & I watched. They were honestly like flying golden-fire diamonds. Some were near me, some far away – high up & dancing among the tree tops, & all throughout the landscape in absolutely every direction. My own personal light show. I was in awe, transfixed by all those little glories.

I thought about last summer & the many sweet & cozy nights I stepped out on that same porch & had someone very special with me. I didn’t turn on the porch lights those nights either – & a pair of warm, wonderful arms would always find their way around me as I stood waiting for Otis. For a moment I allowed myself to miss him, to miss all of it. Because it still felt nice, remembering.

And then this feeling swept over me, like the slow-motion whoosh of a mighty angel’s breath – a reminder of a promise God made to me. It lifted the grief & the memory before I tipped over into that place – you know the one. It’s a promise that He has whispered to my heart over & over, in His long-suffering Love for me. A promise that goes deep-down into the recesses of my heart. Into that place from which I can only utter to Him & truly feel understood. A place where hope for a lot of things stays alive.

And where, just seconds before, I was missing the arms of another ~ I felt invisible arms encircle me. Not physically, but almost. It was tangible enough that my knees nearly buckled.

In just a few moments, I was wooed – with fireflies, sweet whispers of somethings that filled my soul & I was wrapped in other-worldy arms that enveloped my whole being. All from the Greatest Love of My Life.

Thank you Lord. I really, really needed that. You are always so good to me, in spite of Me.

Much Love to be had y’all,











6 thoughts on “Fireflies, Promises & Invisible Arms

  1. Gwen Lilly

    ❤ ❤ Fireflies and honeysuckle–two of God's bestest inventions :)))) Thanks for sharing my Bonnie sis…………almost seems too sacred a moment to have been allowed to peep into with you n Jesus but I'm sure glad y'all let us in….wow……deep breath…..<3

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