Are You A Dreamer Like Me?

Dreams in your heart still unfulfilled? Well join the club. Meet your President. ❤

When seeing the fruition is dragging on longer than you’d hoped, sometimes it’s easier to say “Oh well, not going to happen for me” & throw up your hands. And consequently, you start the downward spiral of getting comfortable in that state, devoid of hope. And believe me, it IS a spiral.

Before you know it, you will find yourself in a rut & yet you thought it was a logical decision to just give up. Go figure.

The heart can be wicked & beautiful too. Perspective drives it’s slant. Swinging back & forth between the two states is no fun. It can breed depression, anxiety – you know the drill. But that’s not the existence you really want in your deepest desire, now is it? I personally like peace myself. Peace that comes from resting in the hope that all will be ok. It will. Not believing the hissing that we cannot be happy in whatever state we find ourselves – whilst we wait – because we can.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, so keep hoping y’all. Some of my friends think I’m nuts. The way I keep hoping, believing, against all odds. Against the taunting indicators that seem to continue to point in a negative direction. That I will never have what I want.

Nope. I will not give up on my dreams. Nope, nope.

Join me y’all ~ ❤


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