Remedies, Quelling, Aches & Training Wheels

Saturday post to fill in the gap I left on Friday. Hey, better late than never. 😉

OK, so I am preaching to the choir here. But if you are like me & you have something- an ache of the heart-kind – like, I mean you wake up with it & go to sleep with it, then you need a remedy. When you have prayed & snotted & ugly-cried & begged & it’s not gone, then it almost becomes a part of you. So if that is the case then what do you do? You just learn to live with it ~ for however-long-it-takes-to-not-have-to-anymore. Don’t get me wrong, praying has helped me. Honestly it has. Thank God. ❤ But for whatever reason, it’s still hanging around. I hope this isn’t Paul’s proverbial thorn. That might just suck. I remain hopeful that it is not.

So to quell this ache I am learning to ride a new kind of bicycle. The training wheels are still on, but I am getting brave-er. I am getting out & living more- experiencing new things, experiencing some of the same things but with newer, brighter eyes. Embracing new moments, instead of living in moments I’ve lost. (That’s the tough one.)

But the point is, I’m doing it. I am doing my best to enjoy myself. Some days I score big-time – others days not-so-much. But I keep getting up. That’s a prevailing theme in my life you’ll find as you read my stuff- getting up. I highly recommend it. Do it when you just can’t – eventually. Just get up. Shower, put on something new, shiny, add a skip in your step, and smile that big beautiful smile that I know you have. You shine so much brighter when you do.

I added a song that I just love. Speaks to this post for sure…

Much love y’all – aches & all,



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