Thank God For The Flashes

I just had a conversation with a close friend that spurred today’s blog. We were talking about some health related difficulties his family is going through, to put it mildly. His sweet & courageous beautiful Mom is battling cancer, his step-dad is diabetic & on dialysis & still trying to take care of her & himself – & his Dad has had some health scares as well. I have another close friend whose family just suffered an unexpected & tragic loss that no one saw coming. And there are others that I dearly love that have faced almost unbearable circumstances. There are times that, when it rains, it really does pour.

My friend K that I was having this conversation with said that it seems like the bad things last while the good things just comes in flashes. And I said in response, thank God for the flashes. I think they are what keeps us going.

Flashes of joy & triumph, flashes of love & warmth in the empty cold, flashes of elation in the midst of deep sorrow, flashes of laughter through the tears. Flashes of life when there seems to be very little left.

Flashes are God’s grace to us. A life preserver when the ocean of human reality pulls us under. A salve of an other-worldy reality to light the darkness, equated as the puzzling & truth-bearing awareness we really are not alone. A force unseen that pulls us up when we cannot get up anymore on our own, when we just want to lie down forever.

Resurrecting, life-giving, love-enduring flashes.  

Thank God for their gift.

Much love y’all,



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