A Slice Of Serenity

Sunday afternoon was so dang beautiful that I had to take advantage. So I put on my bathing suit, grabbed a towel, got my lounge chair out of my trunk, & headed for my “spot” in the yard. I, being the professional that I are 🙂 – made sure I was lined up under the sun’s rays correctly & settled in. Normally I would have the ear buds in & iheart radio going to one of two of my favorite custom stations, but not this time – my phone was inside on the charger. And I’m so glad it worked out that way.

I laid back, closed my eyes & exhaled as the glorious sun beat down & blanketed me – like nothing else natural can. Truly.  And I listened.

I counted at least 8-9 different species of our fine-feathered friends serenading me from all corners of the yard. Some high, some low. Some of them more loud & proud than the others & some even made me chuckle. It was an eclectic symphony of sound if I’ve ever heard one & saying I enjoyed it is a understatement. I could hear insects buzzing & flitting around close to the ground nearby & only remember having to swat one gnat away. That’s a feat. Score.

After a bit of laying there taking all this in, I took particular & peculiar notice that the thoughts ambling through my mind were all good. Honestly nothing negative bubbled up – notta. See – because recently I’ve been battling some things upstairs, I just wouldn’t expect that – it is what it is. And as crazy as it sounds, I even tried to muster something & couldn’t do it. I know right? It had me a little baffled too. It was as if something was shielding me from the little mental assaults that have pummeled me of late. And then I spontaneously smiled from the inside out & decided I’d just receive it. I mean, c’mon – why wouldn’t I? It felt like a gift. Actually, I know it was. A much needed one. Some pure-uninterrupted-joy, right there in the yard. Some absolute-unearned-peace drawn from a well that I didn’t dig, right there. With no one around to drink it in but me. And the birds & the bees. And the flowers & the trees. And the reason I keep getting up. My Grace, my Mercy, my Love.  The Gift-or, of my own personal slice of serenity.

Thank you God. You are so good to me, in spite of me.

Your ever-grateful gift-ee,



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