Today’s Beauty Tip/Review: Drugstore Eyeliner!

Hi ladies! Today’s beauty tip/review is brought to you by my fabulous friend Amy –   

Image   🙂

– and it’s a good one. I’m in need of some more myself & she has sold me on what to buy. The sign of a good marketer.

Work it ladies, we are ALL worth it! xoxo ❤

So here’s the results of my in-depth 2-week experiment of eyeliners. My preference is the self-sharpening retractable kind, so that’s all I have bought. Attached is a picture of the ones included in this experiment. 🙂

Let’s start with the two at the bottom. CoverGirl Perfect Point and L’Oreal Pencil Perfect. I will never buy these again. They both smudge. If smudging is for you, then by all means, this is the product you want. I have been looking for a smudge-free eyeliner. So, not for me.

Now the top two, will definitely buy both again!!! One time application in the morning was all that was needed for the entire day for both! No smudging!

-Sonia Kashuk twist up longwear gel liner (I like black onyx) – priced $7.99 at Target
-Maybelline Unstoppable (this one is a better size for purse purposes) – priced $5.99 at Target


2 thoughts on “Today’s Beauty Tip/Review: Drugstore Eyeliner!

  1. JVB

    I personally like the cover girl perfect point b/c it does smudge and doesn’t leave a obvious straight line. Been using it for years! But that’s just my dependion!! Ha ha!!


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