Brave, Stupid Or What?

I’ve gotten different feedback over time from what I am willing to share via social media & now my blog.
I’ve been told I must be very brave to share such intimate details about my life. Other times, expressions & roundabout statements inferred I may be a bit stupid for doing it. Mostly because of what people may think of me. I say it’s neither.

The way I feel about it is this –
It’s my life, it’s my story & I own that. I have a done A LOT of careless, stupid things & had a lot of the same done to me – some brought on by my dumbly or knowingly opening the door – others blind-siding me that I did not invite in, nor would I ever. I am free today from the sting of my own self-condemnation. And because of my faith & what I believe is truth, I am fully forgiven by Who I am ultimately accountable to. That enables me to unabashedly proclaim where I’ve been – now just memories & used as tools. No more shame in my game. That’s freedom.

I feel like when we are able to share our own experiences, it helps us to keep going – which is totally cool in & of itself.  And even more, it gives other people a voice. It gives validation to hellholes & maybe even a rope ladder out of them. It gives a soft, white washcloth rung out from under hot water to a dirty, dirty face. Who among us hasn’t needed a voice when we just can’t use our own? Who among us hasn’t needed to feel there’s hope when all hope seems to be lost? Who among us doesn’t need cleansing – from something – from time to time?

I realize not everyone wants to tell their story. Some of us are wired differently. That’s why those who are willing are so desperately needed. See how that works? Don’t despise yourself because you can’t. Look for those than can, & let them lift you. Support you. Validate you.

And if you can, please, please do. Start today. Someone – somewhere out there – needs to hear it.

You may be the one voice that makes THE difference. Testify. 😉

Much Love y’all,






2 thoughts on “Brave, Stupid Or What?

  1. Roberta

    wow… this brought tears to my eyes! It’s so true…our stories help others!!! I’ve been through so much ‘garbage’…I wonder why I allowed it to happen to the end…I learned a lot and I pass on what I’ve learned…and it HAS truly helped others. GOD knows EXACTLY what HE’s doing. 🙂 And God has placed you in our lives to lift us up….to show us what we can’t see, sometimes. To say just the ‘right’ words that someone somewhere needed to hear at that exact moment. I thank GOD for using you…
    Thank you Bonnie! ❤ Love ya girlie!

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    1. I got chills all over reading that Roberta. After you sharing what you did with me about your life, and how now you have such a beautiful & sunny disposition today, I see you too have found the secret to not letting your past color your present. God is so good to us in spite of us. You are a gift my friend ~ keep sharing that story – it’s powerful! and your are beautiful, inside & out! xoxo ❤ Love you too!


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