Truths (?), Stumblings, Grace & What We Are Worth

Today’s blog inspiration comes from Nebraska, the movie:

Receptionist: Does he have Alzheimer’s?

David Grant: No, he just believes what people tell him.

Receptionist: That’s too bad.

I could stop right there. If you haven’t seen the movie then you won’t understand the real implications of those few words.

But universally I feel like I can say we all want to believe what we are told, promised, explained – is the the gospel truth.

It can hurt like hell when someone we are placing trust in falls short of their words, promises, of practicing what they preach & living out who they proclaim to be. (Pssst, we are all guilty.)  I do believe we should try to speak the truth, to keep our word, stand firm on it, back it up with integrity even when we are screaming inside & wanting to just bail. But we don’t always. We fall, we fail, we might stay & wither & call it commitment, or we may leave something undone & rinse, lather & repeat. It’s called being human.

That’s why we need grace. And as much as we want it extended to us, we must dole it out. We cannot place such high expectations on others 100% of the time or prop them up on perceived perfected pedestals. It doesn’t mean that we should stay in something that may be a detriment – please do not misread me. But not allowing it to eat us alive or control us & our well-being is so important. From everything-is-falling-aparts to the little-let-me-downs – life’s ebb & flow is inevitable. It is said that most depression comes from unmet expectations. We are human and that makes total sense to me. I know all about them –  disappointments & depression. And life goes on anyway. It doesn’t stop for us.  So where does that leave us?

I think the more we value one another, the more we extend grace & kindness, the more peace we will have. I think we should prop one another up when we’re leaning a little too far south. I think we should tell each other just how fabulous we are when we are pity-partying it up & can’t even look in the mirror. I think we should extend kindnesses expecting nothing back. Even when we don’t think they deserve it. At some point you didn’t either. I promise.

Another prevailing theme in the movie is that we all want to have some kind of pride & a sense of importance & worth. It can come from the smallest, most insignificant things. To lend a hand, we ought to compliment, build up & foster some forward motion in each other. We are all good at something – it’s not such a stretch if we’ll open our eyes & just look. Admonition is powerful. If we are down, get down in the floor with us & grovel along for a bit, but not for too long. Because sometimes an ear & shoulder is all we need. Not necessarily always an answer. Who has them all but God anyway? And even some of those never come this side of heaven.

The Truth (for sure) is this:

We all stumble & let each other down, we all need & should extend grace – & we are all worth far more than rubies.

And loved beyond measure.

Sometimes we just need a reminder of it all. To lend pride & keep it in balance. To have our chins lifted, our backs straightened & strengthened & our hearts less empty.

❤ xoxo




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