Heart On A Chain

How many of us wear our bitter & unforgiving heart as jewelry? Displaying it, justifying & excusing it away, painstakingly keeping it ever-polished. As though it provides real comfort & adds beauty to our life somehow. A badge of protection for all to see. And we treat it as such a precious commodity. Screaming silently to everyone who tries to get close- “Don’t you dare get near it!”

In stark reality though, it’s imprisoning. It doesn’t protect us at all. It zaps us of life. Shackling us. Exposing us to perpetual hurt & disappointment. The very things we are trying to ward off. It never ends.

I just described who I once was. Thank you God I am no longer there, by Your sweet Grace. I pray I never visit that awful place again. Do I still get a little fearful from time to time that it will be broken again? Absolutely. But I’d rather take the chance than close the door & miss something beautiful.

Please choose to be free y’all. Even if all you can do is just say that you want it. Even though you may stay stuck for longer. There is no condemnation. Just say it out of your mouth. Don’t despise small, even the tiny-est, beginnings. They are still beginnings. We all have to start start somewhere, which will lead somewhere else eventually.

Forgive. Move on. Let go. Keep getting up. 

And you will finally, eventually find real Peace. That will surpass even your understanding, o’ person who knows it all. 😉

It’s the only way I have any at all. 

From The Pot To The Kettles



3 thoughts on “Heart On A Chain

  1. Alan Creason

    Hi Bonnie ,
    As I continue to marinate in your ‘Diamond’ message , loving the truth that we are yet diamonds positionally in The Lord ( He says we are so we are ). As you might expect , there is a second half to this thought.
    Your illustration of me being a diamond regardless of my circumstances makes has brought much joy to my heart. I Feel it now , I Know it EXPERIENTIALLY that I am a diamond.
    Thank you for helping me to internalize another Truth, what a beautiful feeling it is to live free in the knowing And feeling that I am a treasure , a prince , a wonderful work.
    Blessings to you and have a sweet day !


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