We all know about keys. What do they do exactly? They open things you can’t get open otherwise, without breaking something.

Where would we be without them? We would go around frustrated, tearing things up constantly, hurting ourselves in the process, cussing, running late, sometimes being rendered immobile & thus setting the tone for a day, sometimes weeks, or months. Maybe even years. All because of the wrong key or no key at all.

So it lends to wonder, why do we try so hard to have things, to open things, to posses things – that we don’t have keys to?

I mean, if a key opens a door it’s a perfect fit – perfect for that particular thing anyway- for what it was meant to open. And what happens when you have to make a copy of a key and use that instead? Many times you have to go back and get a re-key – because the fit just isn’t like that of the original no matter how much you jiggle it. It just never is.

What have you re-keyed? Or what are you trying to get into that you don’t have a key for at all, but yet you are exhausting yourself trying to get in anyway? Do you have a special key you’ve been hoping would fit perfectly somewhere & no dice yet? Did you get that key stuck in the wrong thing AGAIN & dang near break it off trying to get it back out – once you realized what a pickle you got yourself into?

Who have you met that has a key that has seemed lost for a long time- that belongs to you? That one you’ve been looking & longing for? Not yet?

Are you willing to wait or are you just going to keep breaking things & getting frustrated because nothing is working out like you want?

I’ve been broken & have broken enough. I’d like to open something intact, sturdy & smooth at this point in my life. You with me?

Keys. The right ones. So worth what waits on the other side of that open door. And when it finally swings open so smoothly & effortlessly, don’t be so dumbfounded that you forget to walk through it…

Peace y’all ~

From The Pot To The Kettles ❤


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