What’s Yours?

Well hey y’all! I’m Bonnie and this is a brand new big-step-kinda-thing for me. Some of you already know me and some will come to through my posts. (I’m sorry in advance) Just kidding. That was sarcasm.

DISCLAIMER: I am raw at times and write about real stuff. You may even squirm for me or yourself when you read some of what comes out. I am not polished, I can be random, a little edgy & unconventional by some standards. So please don’t hate – I told you upfront.

OK, so here goes.

I thought about what I wanted my first post to be and this is the thought that came to mind.

I am someone who feels things very deeply – on an emotional/spiritual/I’m-not-even-sure-what-that-was level. For the longest time it has seemed, overall, like torture. I was told once that I cried more than anyone that person had ever met. How do you even respond to that? I feel things for myself, and especially for other people. But just yesterday, ironically on the day that the rest of the foundation was laid for this blog, I had an epiphany:

I think the reason I do is because when I get so “feeled” with something, I have to get it out. One of the ways I most enjoy that is through writing. It’s a true release and when someone else can actually glean anything good at all from it, it makes it worth it. Even the crap the monkey of life flings at me.

We all have what I believe is a God-given gift that we are supposed to share. Heck, could be multiple. I said ALL – yep, that means you too – yes even YOU. And if you have no clue what it could possibly be, start looking. Trust me, it’s there. And someone else needs it. The great thing is through it you will get fulfillment & some meaning to your life too. Two major big-time elusive things that we all want right?

Upfront my hope and prayer, most of all, is that you find Love, Grace, Mercy and Peace.

I have. And am still wading through their great & wide waters. And I suck at swimming. And I’m getting better.

I also hope and pray that you will find and share your gifts with the world. And once you do, that you will be encouraged to keep getting up, no matter how many times you doubt/fail/fall. Just don’t quit giving, sharing and paying it forward, OK? Please don’t.

So what’s yours?

(Special thanks to my dear fried Melissa for helping me birth and build this blog and for prodding me to do it – just some of your MANY gifts my friend..)






6 thoughts on “What’s Yours?

  1. Gwen Lilly

    Of COURSE you created a blog!! And that’s exciting to me:) I’m enjoying it already. Great first entry:) ❤ I find I'm FEELED 😉 with encouragement to follow you into my own unique gift-giving to this big wide beautiful world! Greg's also been lovingly prodding me to CREATE something with what I find my Father's placed in my heart. What BETTER raw materials to CREATE with than what we each find hidden in our heart? Congrats my beautiful sister~~~awesome blog name, BTW~~~you are truly a "bonnie" soul I am privileged to know and love:).
    I love (((YOU)))~~Gwen ❤


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